Steve Parks

Steve Parks

France, UK, Turkey
I've led Free-Range businesses large and small since 2009, developing the approaches over that time. I write and speak on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.
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Why we need freedom of initiative

To work in different places, at different times, we also need to relax some other constraints too, otherwise the system either grinds to a halt or descends into chaos.
8 min read
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Why we need freedom of place

Where to work should be defined by the work to be done, by the people who are doing it.
4 min read
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Why we need freedom of time

In creative knowledge work people need to be able to do their deep work when they can best apply their focus and energy, and do their collaborative work when it best fits the schedules of those who need to collaborate.
2 min read
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The Free-Range Work manifesto

The core guiding principles of Free-Range Work.
2 min read
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The evolution of creative knowledge work

Why does creative work feel hard whether you're in an office or remote?
6 min read
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What is FreeRange.Work?

Where the idea of Free-Range comes from, and what it means in reality.
4 min read